Juliet Middleton-Batts

Biography: Artist's Statement

Juliet’s practice is research-led with excavated traces interwoven into experimental, creative processes. Memory, gender and the archive are recurring themes, with a desire to look beyond the surface and uncover forgotten or invisible histories of people and place.


By folding the past with the present, she attempts to create a junction between personal recollection and social history, with an apposite presentation of narrative that aims to inform and delight in equal measure.


Juliet’s contemporary modes of representation create a distinct visual language in a dialogue between the dualities of analogue and digital, with a multi-medial approach that includes moving image, audio and print.


She has exhibited in London and the South West and her site-specific installations have been presented in some unusual spaces, including a lighthouse, telephone box and slaughterhouse.


For further information about Juliet's unique practice, please email her at: egm4graphics@btconnect.com