Juliet Middleton-Batts

Sea Like A Mirror: SeaLikeAMirror#3

The mirror installation was then moved to the Royal William Yard Slaughterhouse for my BA degree show. The work moved into areas of immersion, both participatory and experiential. The mirrors were placed inside and outside the building to recreate the installation and circumference of the lighthouse.

A moving image of the sea below the lighthouse was combined with an inverted still image of the tower, photographed from the top of the adjacent ferris wheel on The Hoe. The still image of the tower slowly and gradually faded in and out to create the illusion of a reflection of something that wasn’t actually there (the tower was moved from sea to land) and also imitated the revolutions of a lighthouse lamp. This was then projected onto the rough stone floor of the old building from a low angle, to create a large scale, immersive projection.