Juliet Middleton-Batts

Gendered Archive: Objects

The Gendered Archive examines personal, historical artefacts and transferences and the female narratives they embody. Central to the work lies an exploration of women as keepers of history and custodians of the past, with an emphasis on gender and the domestic archive. Collective memories are realised as an interplay of the analogue and the digital, in an attempt to re-imagine the past and re-inform the present.


The domestic archive encompasses personal possessions, skills, traditions, memories and stories, all transferred through the distaff side and experienced within the familial intimacy of home. Inherited artefacts that contribute to the female archive include photographs, books, jewellery, letters, diaries and recipes and my engagement attempted to reveal the previously hidden archives as temporal and affirming representations, created with contemporary digital transmissions.


'Smaller of the two brown cases...'